Research and Development

To achieve further growth, Tokyo Electron needs to keep delivering competitive high-value-added products to the market in a timely manner. Accordingly, we are making every effort to maintain and improve our R&D capabilities.

Our R&D centers are located not only in Japan but are spread globally, always keeping abreast with the latest technologies and working closely with global semiconductor manufacturers to conduct development and evaluation. We also cooperate with universities and industry consortia including imec, with the aim of improving the efficiency of basic research.

TEL Venture Capital, Inc.

One of TEL's medium-term growth strategies is the creation and development of new business. In July 2006, TEL Venture Capital, Inc. was established to discover, assess, and utilize promising technologies on a global scale. TEL Venture Capital, based in California, engages in dynamic business activities and obtains the most recent information from Silicon Valley, where many start-up companies and venture capital firms have come together to form a unique community.

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