Risk Management

Internal Control System and Risk Management

Basic Stance

In order to enhance the Tokyo Electron Group’s corporate value and remain accountable for our actions to our stakeholders, we are making efforts to strengthen effective internal control. This involves implementing practical measures that are in line with the Fundamental Policies concerning Internal Controls within the Tokyo Electron Group, set out by Tokyo Electron’s Board of Directors. We are also annually evaluating our internal control over financial reporting based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan.

Risk Management System

To more effectively strengthen the internal control and risk management systems of the entire Group, Tokyo Electron has established a dedicated risk management and internal control function within the General Affairs Department of the corporate headquarters. This function analyzes the risks faced by the Group and identifies material risks. It then monitors the management of such risks while supporting and implementing risk management activities. The function also regularly reports the status of risk management activities to the Audit & Supervisory Board Members and the Board of Directors.
In fiscal 2017, the Group reassessed the material risks in its operating environment. For each risk determined to be material, the status of risk management at the responsible divisions was reconfirmed. Going forward, the Group will continue these initiatives to enhance the efficacy of its risk management framework.

Auditing by the Internal Audit Department

The Global Audit Center of the corporate headquarters is the Group’s internal audit department. This Center is responsible for auditing business activities, compliance and systems at domestic and overseas Group companies and business units (BUs) in accordance with each fiscal year’s auditing plan. The Center also annually evaluates the effectiveness of the Group’s internal control over financial reporting based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan.
At operating divisions where issues have been identified through audits and assessments, the Center monitors progress and provides necessary guidance for improvement.

Diagram of the Corporate Governance Framework, Internal Control System and Risk Management System

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